Radu-Alexandru Bulai

I'm a current graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, UPB, Computer Science Department.
I'm passionate about Software Engineering, Front-end and Back-end Development, as well as Machine Learning and Computer Vision.


Master's Degree: Computer Vision

Advanced Digital Imaging Techniques (TAID), ETTI, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest
Oct 2020 - Present

Bachelor's Degree: Computer Science

Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest

Specialization in Computers and Information Technology.
Relevant studies: Computer Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming, Database Design, APIs, Image processing and analysis, Artificial Intelligence

Oct 2016 - Jul 2020


JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Developer Certification, representing over 30 hours of coursework. Issued on November 2020, by freeCodeCamp.
See Credential


  • Programming: Python, JavaScript, SQL, Java (Android SDK), C
  • Markup & Styling: HTML & CSS, Markdown, LaTeX
Frameworks and Tools
  • React, Django
  • Keras
  • Git & GitHub
  • Sublime Text, VS Code (Macros, Packages/Extensions, Code Formating)
  • Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop
  • Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite
Soft Skills
  • Fast learner of new things
  • Consistency in organizing and planning tasks
  • Good leadership skills from being the head of the students groups I belonged to
  • Continuous drive for self-improvement and self-motivation

  • ... and I can't wait to work in my first Agile & Scrum team!


Django Blog with Authentication, Coding-Articles, Likes and Comments

Application Main Features:
- Responsive UI for desktop and mobile using Bootstrap4
- Registered users can leave likes and comments on each blog article
- Rich Text-Editor for blog articles and comments (with text formatting, code snippets, and more using CKEditor)
- Media Files are stored using Google Drive Storage (free alternative to Amazon S3 Bucket)

Database Management with Multiple Tables and Authentication

Android App for managing a Database with 5 tables (Doctors, Patients, Medicines and their corresponding association tables Sections and Consultations). The DB is stored locally using SQLite and permits CRUD operations, as well as accesing the app by logging in either as a Client user or as an Administrator.

Real-Time Age and Gender Classification on Raspberry Pi 4

Automatic age and gender classification in real-time, using Convolutional Neural Networks (based on MobileNet v1), optimized for Raspberry Pi 4 system using a .tflite model. The application is wrapped in a simple and modern UI using PyQt5.

ToDo-Journal-Timer-Quiz App

Android App with multiple features such as ToDo List, Journal (with titles, entries and time stamps), Countdown timer, and a Quiz that generates different responses based on question answers (like a Personality test).

More projects to be featured are coming soon!

You can find all my finished projects on my GitHub repositories.